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The ability to answer various WH questions is an essential skill and it is well known that many learners with autism have difficulty answering WH questions.

This workshop is designed for those whose role it is to design and implement methods to increase the verbal behaviour of children with autism. It is recommended attendees are familiar with the basics of Skinner’s analysis of verbal behaviour.

This workshop is based on procedures developed by Dr. Francesca degli Espinosa.

This presentation will argue the need for incorporating an analysis of multiply controlled verbal behaviour when deriving procedures to establish language in children with autism. It will illustrate the point by outlining the importance of teaching generalised question answering. Despite intensive teaching, many children with autism often remain unable to answer novel questions involving established tacts: For example, when shown an apple and asked, “What colour is it?” the child may answer “Apple”. Such failures in responding occur when question answering has been taught under the simple control of non-verbal stimuli (e.g. objects and events), rather than under the multiple control of non-verbal and verbal stimuli. Procedures to remediate such discriminative failures will be illustrated and described that allows generalised question answering to be taught in relation to individual objects and events at the tact level.