AlphaBee’s Commitment to Professional Development & Quality Service

At AlphaBee we value professional development, education and lifelong learning. As part of our commitment to quality services and best practice, our staff regularly participate in continuing education activities that include our monthly skills building team meeting, and attending outside workshops and courses. As individuals and as an organization as a whole, we strive to learn and grow beyond our current abilities to continue to provide quality service in an ever evolving field.

Conferences and workshops that we have proudly hosted:

  • 2018 - Verbal and Social Behaviour: From conditioning eye contact to conversation (Dr. Francesca degli Espinosa, PhD, BCBA-D)
  • 2017 - Advanced Verbal Behaviour and Perspective Taking (Dr. Francesca degli Espinosa, PhD, BCBA-D) and Social Skills (Dr. Justin Leaf, PhD, BCBA-D)
  • 2016 - Practical Functional Assessment: Understanding Problem Behaviour Prior to its Treatment (Dr. Gregory Hanley, PhD, BCBA-D)
  • 2015 - Using Developmental & Functional Skills Curriculums as Part of Lifelong Planning and Instruction for Children and Adults with Moderate-to-Severe Disabilities (Dr. Patrick McGreevy, PhD, BCBA-D)
  • 2013 -Beyond the Basics: Advanced Topics in Language Instruction for Children with Autism (Dr. Mark Sundberg, PhD, BCBA-D)
  • 2012 - Teaching Verbal Behavior: Hands on Training for Tutors & Therapists; Workshop #4 (Godwin & Kasper, Associates of Dr. Vincent Carbone)

Further Professional Development

Other workshops and courses members of our clinical team have previously attended:

  • Increasing the Vocal Behaviour of Children with Autism (Dr. Vincent Carbone, PhD, BCBA-D)
  • Dispelling the Myths and Overcoming Implementation Obstacles related to the Functional Assessment and Treatment of Problem Behaviour (Dr. Gregory Hanley, PhD, BCBA-D)
  • Teaching Perspective Taking and Executive Function Skills to Children with Autism (Dr. Jonathan Tarbox, PhS, BCBA-D)
  • Reducing Problem Behaviour (Dr. Vincent Carbone, PhD, BCBA-D)
  • Advanced Topics in Applied Behaviour Analysis (Dr. Vincent Carbone, PhD, BCBA-D)
  • Designing and Implementing a Language and Social Skills Intervention Program Based on the VB-MAPP (Dr. Mark Sundberg, PhD, BCBA-D)
  • Language for Living (Dr. Patrick McGreevy, PhD, BCBA-D)
  • Teaching Children with Developmental Disabilities to Speak: Current Research and Best Practice (Burns, M.S., Kaufman, N. R., Kasper, T. S., & Rosenfeld-Johnson, S.)
  • The VB-MAPP (Dr. Mark Sundberg, PhD, BCBA-D)
  • Teaching Conversation Skills to Children with Autism (Holly Kibbe, BCBA & Cherish Twigg, BCBA)
  • Developmental and Multi Sensory Approach to Teaching Fine Motor Skills
  • Functional Assessment of Serious Problem Behaviour (Dr. Matthew Normand, PhD, BCBA-D)
  • Preparing and Supporting Learners with Autism in School Placements (Dr. David Celibreti, PhD, BCBA-D)
  • Parent and Professional Collaboration in the Land of ABA (Dr. David Celibreti, PhD, BCBA-D)
  • Augmentative and Alternative Communication and Ethics for Behavior Analysts
  • PECS Training
  • Direct Instruction
  • Recurring events: ABAI, Geneva Centre Autism Symposium, and ONTABA