About Us

Over the last 10 years, as one of the leading fee-for-service providers of IBI & ABA, we have enabled hundreds, if not thousands of children access to behavioural services when they needed them.
As a DFO provider approved by the Toronto, Peel, York and Hamilton regions, we work in collaboration with the regional providers. Privately funded by families on wait lists, or children non-eligible for funding or those who simply needed an immediate and clinically superior service, we have developed a solid standing in the ABA community.
Our CEO was an ABA therapist 25 years ago. Her vision, understanding of evidence based practices, partnered with a like-minded, clinically advanced team, resulted in the creation of AlphaBee - a place where children make progress.

Our 3 Principles

Our service is outstanding.
Our pricing is transparent.
Our clinical outcome is unparalleled.

We offer:

  • Home based services across Hamilton and the GTA
  • Centre based services in Hamilton, Etobicoke and Scarborough.

Etobicoke Centre
Unit 1, 100 The East Mall
Etobicoke, ON M8Z 5X2 (map)
416 367 5968 ext 231

Hamilton Centre
440 Main Street East
Hamilton, ON L8N 1K2 (map)
905 524 3843

Scarborough Centre
1081 Midland Avenue
Scarborough ON M1K 4G8 (map)
416 367 5968 ext 231

Our Services include:

  • The Instructor therapist, Senior therapist and Clinical Supervisor make up our necessary clinical team. They will commit the time and energy that is needed to keep up with your child’s progress.
  • Regular reviews of your child’s progress by the Senior therapist and Clinical Supervisor
  • Review and training of the Instructor therapist for your child’s program
  • Regular and consistent professional development of the clinical team
  • Generous office & scheduling hours, open 7 days a week
  • Weekday 7am-11pm, Saturday & Sundays 9am-5pm

Our Commitment

We stand by our commitment to you. We are honest when we say learning takes time. We will ask you to do some of the work and we provide the training so you can do it.

In a committed partnership with you, your child and AlphaBee we will get it done.

Our Clinical Outcomes

Your child’s needs guide our evidence based practices. Along with the already well established teaching techniques we use, we also research the latest literature and guidelines to continue to ensure high quality services.

Every child is different, and our programming is individualized and data driven. We are happy to provide parent references.

Parental Involvement

Behavioural intervention is not an instant process for anyone, and it takes time. As a parent it is crucial to be involved in your child’s learning and development consistently and meaningfully. Our staff will work with you so that you can mirror the teaching strategies that your Instructor Therapist will use. We can help you to establish activities to do at home so that you can help your child navigate the complexity of the world around them.

Call or email our Intake Coordinator for more information and to register for services.

416 367 5968